Like many POWDR businesses, Lee Canyon had a plethora of leftover food when we shuttered operations on March 15. And as a small player in the Las Vegas community, particularly compared to the casinos, we wanted to identify the right organization to which to give it. We found that in the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth (NPHY), a non-profit that provides Southern Nevada’s homeless youth support to rebuild their lives.
Lee Canyon’s Director of Hospitality, Caitlin Kelly, who facilitated the effort, says that Las Vegas has some of the highest homeless rates in the country due to its climate, and that youth here make up a high percentage of the homeless community. “Many are left on the streets because of abuse, parents not being able to provide safe environments, or even because parents are deported,” says Caitlin.
NPHY provides support and housing options for these kids and offers different programs that help them as they grow, teaching life skills and providing an empowering environment with the ultimate goal of independence.
Lee Canyon had a personal connection to the organization—our HR Manager Allison Davis-Palmquist once coached a soccer club with a player in the NPHY program. “The toughest letter I ever read was his thank you note when the club decided to cover all his playing and travel expenses,” says Davis-Palmquist. “He wrote about how he never has anyone in the stands cheering him on, never gets to ride home from a game with his dad or mom, and how his parents will never share the joy of him scoring his first goal. This organization introduced him to our team because they recognized how important soccer and athletics was to him. They empowered him to strive for what he wanted.”
Lee Canyon donated about 850 pounds of food to the NPHY on March 20, says Caitlin. The choice made sense for two kindred groups that are aligned in their goals. “As a part of POWDR, we play, inspire, empower, and engage not only our employees, but our community,” says Caitlin. “NPHY is just as fanatical about inspiring and empowering the community. We do it in very different ways, but we are equally fanatic about looking to empower the next generation.”

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Lee Canyon donates 850 pounds of food to support Las Vegas youth and empower its community.