POWDR businesses are often like families who have each other's backs and support each other through good times and bad. Frequently, that connection can trickle down to individual employees.  
A staff member here at Lee Canyon recently witnessed an example of this in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.
"I know of a POWDR employee who is a single parent and working two part-time jobs," says the staff member, who wants to remain anonymous, but we'll call him Bob. "Even before the shut down this employee was struggling to make ends meet, so another POWDR employee who has the means loaned this single parent a little cushion fund."
Then COVID hit, and the single parent was left with no income. Bob says the "loan" is now forgiven.
"This is an indication of the quality employee that POWDR hires," says Bob. "They're hard working and dedicated to serving others. I saw that across the board at Lee Canyon—NSP members, lifties, instructors, people working check in, rentals, sales—every single employee I met in my short time there this winter had the same attitude: Here to serve not only the public, but also each other."

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POWDR and its employees support each other through thick and thin.