Communication is key, especially in times of crisis. Making sure people have the right information at the right time can be the difference in the decisions they make and the actions they take.
Knowing that employees, guests and the Las Vegas community depend on us for resort information and news, here at Lee Canyon, we take our reputation as a reliable source of information seriously. When COVID-19 spread to Las Vegas, we kept in close communication with employees using our suite of communication methods which include meetings, email, newsletters and an intranet.
As the local community focused on navigating COVID-19, the economic impact had begun to take hold in Las Vegas and our communications evolved accordingly. To support employees who might be looking for extra work and to support local businesses looking to hire employees, we shared opportunities for employment at Walmart, Target, Albertson’s grocery, Smiths grocery, Sprouts grocery and Amazon. We also shared opportunities to volunteer in the community at organizations such as United Way and put out news that food shopping was available to the public at Sysco food distributor (which is not usually open to the public).
Led by HR Manager Allison Davis-Palmquist, Marketing Director Jim Seely, and Resort Services Director Caitlin Kelly, Lee Canyon’s communication about what’s happening at the resort and beyond strengthens connections with employees and the local community. “Our commitment is not just to be a place of employment, but to be an endearing leader within the community, supporting employees, and all those who choose to have Lee Canyon as part of their lifestyle,” says Jim Seely.

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Lee Canyon steps up as a reliable news source for employees and the community.